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July 2019


What people are saying about us ...

Our Bankruptcy Program:

“I am so glad that I was introduced to The Legal Project at a time when I was so stressed out financially and otherwise and with no one else to turn to.  I have highly recommended The Legal Project to others, and they have been extremely satisfied as I have been with your program, and will continue to do so so others may benefit from your services.  I was pleased with your timely and professional manner, especially at a time that you are so scared of the outcome.  For that I thank you so much! Thanks again, you are the best! My sincere thanks to my lawyer, and his staff, I couldn’t have asked for better services – you are tops in my book.”  

“What was most helpful was how quickly you were able to find an attorney to assist me in getting the process started.”  

The intake process was very not stressful, which was greatly appreciated … Everything could not have gone any smoother … I am extremely thankful for this program and to all who helped me become debt free.”  

“It was a time consuming procedure, but it was well worthy of the great support and understanding that your group made me feel. Thank you so, so much … I never knew there were such programs to help people in my situation! Thank you so much.”  

“I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I received a discharge of debts last week from the Bankruptcy Court.  What a beautiful Spring it is!  Last Fall I could not have imagined how wonderful it is to be debt free.  My lawyer was the best lawyer ever!  He was extremely kind and gracious.  I will always be grateful for the help you gave.”

“I got very good treatment from The Legal Project and I told some of my friends and family about you...you did do everything you said you were going to do.”

“The lawyer was so respectful and never treated me any differently because I was a pro bono client.”

“The choice to bankrupt myself and my business was so hard.  I was overwhelmed and stressed but The Legal Project and the attorney helped me see the light at the end.   I am forever grateful to The Legal Project for offering such an amazing service.  Thank you for everything.”

“Everything was handled perfectly.  They (The Legal Project) gave me a chance to be free again and treated me like a human being not just a number.” 


Our Domestic Violence Program:

“Everyone I spoke to [at TLP] was patient, and knowledgeable of what I needed to know! So helpful also...I already have recommended your service to several people I know. My attorney kept me informed of everything, so kind and patient, funny too! Thanks to all at The Legal Project.”  

“My attorney and her staff are extremely courteous and professional.”  

“My attorney was very helpful and respectful.  He helped me to get on my feet and then turn my financial life around for the better after my divorce.”

“You guys were absolutely wonderful to me.  I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all of your hard work.”  

“I never thought I would get a divorce from my abusive husband.  I got my divorce because of your office.  I have so much hope in my life now.”  

“After putting up for 13 years of abuse from my ex-husband my heart is smiling once again.  I went through so much, and lost all of my belongings.  I never thought I could get a divorce because I’m broke.  I went from just having the clothes on my back, to getting a job, to getting everything back that I lost, to getting a divorce. Thank you so much for your help and for giving me a chance.”


Our Foreclosure Program:

“My attorney was the BEST; he explained in words I could understand and was very patient with me.  I would recommend him to anyone and have already told a few friends to call him.”


Our Affordable Housing Attorney Assistance Program

“The Legal Project services were great!  I never knew that this type of help was available for first time homebuyers.  The attorney explained everything to me in detail and was wonderful!”


Our Small Business Program:

“I wanted to thank you immediately for your help.  I am reading the business plan tutorial.   I think I can "stop the bleeding" and reinvent a business that will be prosperous.”

“Just a brief note to thank you for organizing my legal consultation.  I received extremely valuable information and had the opportunity to talk to a very interesting and knowledgeable person.”


Our Volunteer Attorneys:

“Volunteering for the Legal Project representing victims of domestic violence in Family Court allowed me to gain valuable Court room experience. I owe my law practice to the Legal Project.  There is no greater joy for me in the practice of law then being able to help victims of domestic violence in Family Court and see justice prevail.  I urge all attorneys, especially newly admitted attorneys, to volunteer with the Legal Project.  You will not regret it.” 

“Monthly Legal Project clinics have been a regular part of my life since their inception. I have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of individuals with a variety of issues. The best part is seeing the relief on the faces as they leave. Knowledge is powerful.”

“The pro se divorce clinic has been a great experience as well. I enjoy working with the student volunteers. The clinic provides them with a first opportunity to work with a client. It helps students develop practical skills as well as an affinity for pro bono service. They learn quickly the pleasure of helping without financial reward. The clinic provides an invaluable service to those who need a divorce but could never afford a lawyer.”

“The staff members of the Legal Project are like family, helpful, protective and there when you need them.”


Our Community Partners:

"The Legal Project services are vital to the success of my clients ranging from foreclosure intervention to pre-purchase.  Their staff treats consumers with dignity and respect and provides an excellent community resource."  -Foreclosure Prevention & AHAA program partner

“The Legal Project provides comprehensive legal services to victims of domestic violence increasing victim safety and providing vital access to civil legal services. The staff are committed to providing prompt legal solutions, fairness and equal access to justice.”  Domestic Violence Program