Campus Violence Legal Connection

Free and confidential help for college students.

Our Campus Violence Legal Connection program serves campus survivors of sexual violence, stalking, dating and domestic violence. All of our program services are free and confidential.  Contact us by telephone at (518) 435-1770 or by email at 

The Campus Violence Legal Connection (CVLC) provides a comprehensive range of free holistic civil legal services to anyone who has experienced sexual assault, stalking, and/or dating violence while attending college. Legal areas include safety, education, employment, housing, privacy, and much more.

We work to ensure that all students who experience sexual violence, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, identity, nationality or ability, are treated equitably and have the opportunity to seek the justice they deserve.

When should you speak with a lawyer?

The Campus Violence Legal Connection offers free and confidential consultations with attorneys who can listen to your concerns surrounding sexual assault and stalking to help your figure out what avenues the law gives you for protection and remedies. Our lawyers can do anything from simply answering legal questions to help you understand the academic hearing pr criminal process to offering representation in certain areas if that is what you decide to do.

Meeting with a Campus Violence Legal Connection attorney will give you the legal information you need in order to make decisions on how to proceed.

All programs and services have specific eligibility requirements.  Please call us for more information at (518) 435-1770. 

How can a lawyer help you?

A Lawyer Can…

  • Listen to your concerns and help you figure out what you want.
    • Help you understand how the law applies to your situation and help you make an informed plan.
    • Help you decide if you want to report a violation of your rights in a criminal, civil or academic proceeding.
    • Negotiate on your behalf to get the support and services that you need to overcome an assault or to ensure that your privacy is protected.
    • Represent you in court and/or out of court to accomplish your goals

Community Resources

Campus Violence Legal connection does not provide crisis services to survivors. If you need to talk to someone immediately regarding sexual or domestic violence here are a few local hotline numbers:

Albany County

Albany County Crime Victims & Sexual Violence Center (518) 447-7716*

Equinox, Inc. (518) 432-7865*

In Our Own Voices (518) 432-4341

Rensselear County

Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program (518) 271-3257*

Unity House (518) 272-2370*

Saratoga County

Wellspring, Inc. (518) 584-8188*

Schenectady County

Victim Advocacy Services of Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson (518) 346-2266 *

YWCA of NorthEastern New York (518) 374-3386 *

*Hotline available 24 hours/day 7 days/week

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