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Affordable Housing Attorney Assistance (AHAA)

Buying a Home?  Thought you couldn't afford a lawyer? Think Again! You may be eligible for free or low cost representation.  Call today to find out: (518) 435-1770.

What is AHAA?

AHAA is a program of The Legal Project that works with community-based Affordable Housing agencies to help homebuyers who are unable to afford legal fees. If you are purchasing a home through an Affordable Housing grant, IDA savings program, matching mortgage, revolving loan fund, land trust or other assistance program, The Legal Project is here to help you understand how these programs affect you and your home ownership. Our attorneys will: 

* Review the contracts that you will have to sign. 

* Help you to understand your end of the contract by explaining what these programs     require of you now and in the future. 

* Explain the costs that you will have to pay. 

* Act as your lawyer at your real estate closing.

You may be eligible for free or low cost representation.  All programs and services have specific eligibility requirements.  Please call us for more information at (518) 435-1770.