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Bankruptcy And Credit Program

Our bankruptcy and credit program will help you face financial problems and understand how to resolve them. Our program can offer low to moderate income individuals the opportunity to repair their damaged credit and provide assistance for those struggling with unmanageable debt. We offer one-on-one consultations with an attorney to discuss your financial situation. During this consult the attorney will determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We provide representation to those who are income qualified.

What does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Mean?

  • Total or liquidation bankruptcy
  • Debtors non-exempt assets are sold by the Chapter 7 Trustee and the proceeds distributed to creditors

What does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Mean?

  • Debtor proposes a repayment plan
  • Creditors are prevented from collection activity and the debtor can keep non-exempt property
  • When the plan payments have been completed in 3 to 5 years the debtor is discharged

All programs and services have specific eligibility requirements.

Mission Moment

A Rensselaer County, senior resident came to The Legal Project initially for assistance with a foreclosure matter. She became behind on her mortgage due to medical issues and inability to pay off severe debt. After accepting this case into our Homeowner Protection Project, and investigating, it was concluded that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would be needed to modify the loan due to liens. She was referred to our bankruptcy program to assist. With only social security as income, our client was absolutely eligible for pro bono assistance. In this particular case, we skipped the initial consult step in the legal clinics and directly reached out to a pro bono panel attorney who accepted the case on the spot. The bankruptcy was filed quite quickly thereafter, and a stay was put on the foreclosure. Our client, after much thought, concluded that she no longer wanted to keep the home, and instead is currently looking for senior housing. We will continue to assist her through the foreclosure process so she may exit the home with grace, and ensure she has plenty of time to find the safe and, affordable housing she deserves.

What People Are Saying About Our Program

“The staff at The Legal Project was very helpful, courteous, and prompt.”

“Staff was friendly and efficient.”

“Very respectful and quite an easy process.”

“The staff at The Legal Project and my attorney’s office was kind and patient. They helped improve my quality of life.”

“The process was clear, and went quickly.”

“The attorney on my case went above and beyond to assist me, very generous, and a tremendous help.”

Mission Moment

A Washington County resident, disabled, and a single mother of 3 reached out to The Legal Project for representation in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She is a victim of domestic violence and has had numerous consults through our Domestic Violence Program in divorce and child custody matters. She was referred over to the bankruptcy program via one of our DV attorneys. Our client met with one of our pro bono panel attorneys in July, and this attorney immediately took on her case to assist. The case went smoothly, and a discharge was ordered in November. This is a wonderful example of how our programs work together closely to assist our mutual clients. Obtaining advocacy from one office eased our client’s frustrations and anxiety.

Credit Reporting Agencies

(Eligible for one free credit report per year)

  • EQUIFAX | (800) 685-1111 | | PO Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374
  • EXPERIAN | (888) 397-3742 | | PO Box 949, Allen, TX 75013
  • TRANSUNION | (800) 916-8800 | | PO Box 390, Springfield, PA 75013