For the past two years and many years prior to COVID, we have shown our support to the annual Albany County Bar Foundation 5K Run and Walk.

The Legal Project has created a team of runners and walkers that has included staff, spouses, children, and our furry kiddos and has been lots of fun for all that have participated. This year is no exception, and we arranged a team to participate in the 5K Run and Walk held on Thursday, May 9th at the Corning Preserve.

This year was the 30th Anniversary for the Albany County Bar Foundation which raised money to facilitate and promote access to justice and legal services, sponsors and encourages research, publication, institutes, and forums for the advancement of justice; establishes scholarships and promote the study of law for students; provides continuing education for lawyers; and institutes and maintains legal aid facilities for the indigent. The Legal Project has been a partner, benefactor, and continuing supporter to Albany County Bar Foundation and Association.